Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TigerBeat/Bop Find Out Some Jonas Stuff!!!

Here are a few things Bop and TigerBeat found out:
-Jonas Brothers new album is dropping June 15th!
-The guys say their show is going to be bigger and better in the round with more seats that will be like a front row ticket!
-They are 9 songs into their new album!
-Kevin says the tour is all new songs, all new stage set up and they can’t wait for all of you to come out and see them!
-Joe says they love Canada! They have a great time up there. They are excited to go to cities they have never been to.
-The guys hope the President and the first family comes to their DC show!
-Kevin says they always have an extra bunk or two on their bus for friends and family to visit while they are on the road.
-The guys say their 3D movie was a gift to the fans and a way to say thank you to them :)
-The guys say they don’t have a twitter yet but they might get one.
-Kevin says the stage is 144 feet end to end!
-Nick just spilled that he would like to go to college and has talked about going to a school in Chicago when he’s ready.

Here are a few things Popstar! found out:
-They are talking about Honor Society!
-Joe said Sasha and Malia Obama are welcome at their show!
-They are 9 songs into their new album!
-They said they are looking into more creative ways to meet the fans, and always appreciate the fans support!
-Joe said he was happy with the sales from the 3D movie and happy the fans came out to support them!
-Nick says their main networking sites have been MySpace and YouTube, they are thinking about getting a Facebook soon! [In reply: He said, getting "more into" Facebook!]
-Nick said they do NOT have a Twitter, but “you never know!”
Nick would “love to go to college,” maybe in Chicago at Northwestern!
-When asked about relationships, the boys said “Right Now we are concentrating on the show, the tour and our fans!”
-They are very excited about their new album, coming out this summer!