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The Philippines Loves the Jonas Brothers!!!

Yes, I (Christine) am filipino, so it's super exciting to get all of this news!

The Jonas Brothers were mentioned in a local station, 24 Oras in the Philippines. In the segment, Nick Jonas said “Hey Philippines!” and they also said that they’re looking forward to going to the Philippines soon, so it might be a sign that the boys might be going there sometime during their World Tour.

Also, filipino singer, Charice Pempengco met the Jonas Brothers, you can watch the video about it by clicking here or watch below.

There is an article about the filipino Jonas Brothers fan site. You can get more Philippines information on the Jonas Brothers at!

“The Jonas Brothers get an RP fan site “
By Pam PastorPhilippine Daily Inquirer
Last updated 20:56:00 03/06/2009SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Kitkat Lastimosa and 17-year-old Eira Raye Gruta are big fans of the Jonas Brothers.
“Their music is the number one reason, of course. There’s just something about it that instantly puts me in a good mood. They’re good boys, and that’s something I admire. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they are incredibly good-looking,” said Kitkat.
Kitkat and Eira, who became close friends in high school, love the Jonas Brothers so much that they decided to put up a website for Jonas Brothers fans in the Philippines.
“We’ve had several blogs in the past, but this was the first time we created a full website,” Kitkat shared.
Although the girls put up the site just for fun and “to possibly meet the Jonas Brothers when they come here,” it became serious business when MCA Music, the official licensee of Disney Records/Hollywood Records in the country, made their site the official Jonas Brothers fan site in the Philippines.
The site, which has been up for a little over a year, currently has over 600 members who call themselves JBinoys. Aside from making sure the site is packed with news, updates and downloadables and that their forum is up and running, Kitkat and Eira have also held fun activities for the JBinoys.
“We’ve had site contests wherein the members got a chance to win prizes courtesy of Disney and MCA Music. We also try to do meet-ups as much as we can.”… READ MORE FROM SOURCE
Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer
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The Philippine Daily Inquirer did an interview with the Jonas Brothers. Read it below! [From Angela]
“The Jonas Brothers get an RP fan site “
By Janet Susan R. NepalesPhilippine Daily Inquirer
Last updated 20:01:00 02/27/2009LOS ANGELES, California—First impressions do count. When Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas walked in at a meeting room in the Four Seasons Hotel for our interview, they seemed down-to-earth and levelheaded.
Kevin, 21, appeared to be the one in command and was the friendliest as he greeted everybody right away. Joe, 19, who is the best looking of the three, looked serious at first but loosened up later. Nick, 16, seemed quiet in the beginning but then began to be more talkative later. Eventually, he was taking charge of the interview and acting like the leader. No wonder his brother Kevin fondly calls him “Mr. President.” He is also known as the former boyfriend of pop princess Miley Cyrus. Joe was linked to another singer, Taylor Swift.
Before we interviewed the trio, we saw their Walt Disney movie, “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience,” at the El Capitan Theatre here in Hollywood. The teen girls in the audience screamed their hearts out. Every time Kevin, Joe or Nick was shown up close or did something like throw a pair of sunglasses or even at the sight of the brothers being awakened in their hotel rooms by their burly bodyguard cum “nanny,” Big Rob, the girls went wild and crazy.
Even the First Daughters Malia Obama, 10, and Sasha, 7, are avid fans of the Jonas Brothers. While their parents were making the rounds of the 10 inaugural balls, the girls and their new friends at Sidwell Friends School went on a scavenger hunt at the White House. At the end of the hunt, the girls were surprised by the Jonas Brothers who played three acoustic songs and posed for photos with each of the young guests at the party.
At the last Grammy awards, the Jonas Brothers had another memorable experience when they performed with no less than Stevie Wonder. The three admitted that it was one of the most unforgettable moments of their lives—to perform at the Grammy with Stevie.
The brothers, whose Disney Channel comedy series titled “J.O.N.A.S.” is set to premiere in May, appeared on “Saturday Night Live,” spoofing their own band with “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin posing as a fourth Jonas Brother.
In real life, there is a fourth Jonas brother, Frankie, who is also known as the “Bonus Jonas.” Frankie, 8, was born in their hometown, New Jersey.
Despite their fame, the Jonas Brothers appear levelheaded and untainted by all the spoiling and adulation they get from their admirers. Part of the credit goes to their father, Kevin Sr., who is also their manager. When we talked to the senior Jonas and complimented him on the way he raised his sons, he said, “They know Hollywood is just make-believe. When they are home, that is reality.”
Below are excerpts of our interview with the Jonas Brothers:
It must have been pretty amazing for you guys to be performing at the Grammy Awards with Stevie Wonder. Can you please describe that experience?
Nick: Although it was a little upsetting not to win best new artist, I think the win for us was performing with Stevie and being able to perform with one of our idols. It was really an amazing experience and we’re truly honored.
How do you stay grounded and not go crazy with your fame?
Joe: We live by a group rule that we say to each other, “Live at the bottom even if you’re at the top.” It’s something that our parents have told us from the beginning and we tell each other everyday. We get to do some amazing things but we try to remind each other that this is a blessing and we are living so many people’s dreams. We just get the opportunity to live it out everyday.
Can you tell us how much does your father play in your success?
Kevin: Our dad is an amazing man. He’s actually in the room tonight (laughs). We’ve been raised in an amazing home. An amazing journey from nothing where we’ve been blessed with incredible opportunities. He gives us advice and critiques. He would never lie to us. If a performance wasn’t great, he would tell us. If there was a moment that wasn’t awesome, he would tell us. But he would tell us in a way that would help us learn how to further ourselves as entertainers and as performers.
I talked to Big Rob who said that your girl fans have clever ways of trying to enter your hotel rooms like bringing in service carts or laundry hampers or wearing police uniforms. Can you tell us some of the interesting things that you have experienced with girls trying to enter your rooms?
Joe: We’ve had girls running on the highway just to chase our bus. We’ve had girls trying to pretend like they work at the concert venue. We’ve had girls trying to climb barbwire fences. We made them stop, though (laughter). I think the most memorable was when we were at dinner with our mother and a lady went to the front desk reception and said, “Hi, I want to surprise my boys, the Jonas Brothers. They’re inside. I’m their mother.” (Laughter) And the restaurant hostess, who knew that the woman was just trying to get in, went up to my mom and said, “There’s a lady outside saying that she is you. Would you like to go and meet her?” (Laughter)
Kevin has been described as fun, Joe as precise and a comic and Nick as a leader. Can you please elaborate on these descriptions of yourselves?
Kevin: We call Nick “Mr. President” because he’s a leader. We hope he runs in 2038. (Laughter) Even at a young age, he carries himself in a way and you might say, soft-spoken but he chooses his words carefully. Joe is a very funny guy. He always knows how to get a rise out of somebody and he won’t stop until he does. But he has a sensitive heart. People sometimes forget about that because he can make them laugh so much. It’s a good quality that he has.
Joe: Thank you, Kevin. We call Kevin “The Mayor” because he’s always the first one to shake hands and kiss the babies’ heads (laughter). But he’s a businessman when he has to. He always comes up with the great ideas for touring and things like that.
Do you guys ever fight?
Kevin: People ask us all the time if we fight. We just don’t have the time. (Laughter) We have a different respect level for each other because we do work closely together. And this band is a democracy. If there is something we might not agree on, we vote. We know that many risks have been taken by our family to make this possible for us. Two years ago, we were living in a home with all four boys living in one bedroom. And so our life has taken us to amazing places. From that moment to being onstage at the Grammys performing with Stevie Wonder, you kind of take every single moment for what it is and never forget. As brothers and as a family, we will cherish those moments.
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Watch the Jonas Brothers in 3d!
Shot primarily in Los Angeles, New York and Anaheim, Walt Disney Pictures’ rockumentary “Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience” conveys the intensity and craziness of the Jonas Brothers’ jam-packed days while on tour.
Joe Jonas says, “We love, as a band, being able to show everyone what our day is like. The film crews were there when we woke up in the morning and when we were going to bed really late at night. You get to see the full day’s schedule and see how crazy our album release week was.”
Scenes range from the brothers being woken at 4:30 a.m. by Head of Security “Big Rob” Feggans to being chased down streets by screaming fans and making their escape by helicopter. They are also seen performing in arenas and in Central Park, and being mobbed by frenetic admirers in Times Square.
Additional behind-the-scenes footage captures the boys eating breakfast, discussing their upcoming day, hitting golf balls in an empty arena, riding around on Segway electric scooters and otherwise having fun between performances.
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, “Jonas Brothers: The Concert Experience” will be shown starting March 4 in regular 2D format in cinemas across the Philippines, as well as in Disney Digital 3D format in SM City North Edsa-The Block and Gateway Cineplex.
Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer