Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Presale Notes

This is why some people’s pre sale code may not work. Warning to all who are purchasing next week, so if you did what below said, you may have to renew/buy yourself a new membership. But then again if renewing, it’s one pre sale passcode PER tour.

We are still noticing that many members are “testing” pre-sale codes to see how they work or if they would get good seats, even if they do not plan to attend these shows. We strongly recommend you do NOT do this. It could be taking away your codes and you may not be able to get them back when you really need them. “Tickermaster” may not read this correctly and think that you already purchased tickets with the pre-sale. Not only is it messing up your codes it’s also preventing others who are planning on going to the show not to get seats because ticketmaster is “holding” the checkers seats for 2 minutes when they don’t even plan on using them.

We alerted you of this problem first during the Burning up tour, so this is also just another reminder. But it was important to also alert you once again of what might happen if you do this.

Originally posted Dec 2008

Source: Team Jonas