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Frankie Jonas and Noah Cyrus' Movie: PONYO

Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo [on the Cliff] trailer. The animated feature stars the voices of Frankie Jonas and Noah Lindsey Cyrus. Hits theaters August 14

(It's like a mini Niley version!) aww

Joe Jonas on Much Better: "Now I'm Done With COUNTRY STARS"

LOL :) Look at Nick's expression when Joe sings that. Then, the band starts cracking up! Is Much Better really about Taylor Swift. Fans can tell it surely is NOW!


Nick is a Georgetown Jonas

Clad in plaid shorts, Nick Jonas and pop Paul make their way into a car after landing at Dulle airport on Tuesday morning (June 23) in Chantilly, Virginia.

According to the Washington Examiner, the 16-year-old musician was spotted at Barney’s CO-OP before grabbing some pizza at Numero Uno on M Street this afternoon.

Later in the day, Nick will be meeting with Sen. Frank Lautenberg, where he is set to discuss juvenile diabetes and the organization he started that raises money for the disease. Nick will address the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on the same issue tomorrow (June 24)

Nick Jonas Helps Others With Diabetes

Singer Nick Jonas is starring in a new advert promoting a diabetes blood test machine. Nick, the youngest of the Jonas Brothers, spoke out about having the disease last year in which he revealed he lost 15lbs in two weeks. Now 16, the singer and guitarist manages his diabetes and his blood sugar level by using a Contour machine to measure his levels via a glucose test strip.

Nick Jonas Helps Others With Diabetes (Image: Splash News)

In the 30-second black and white advert, Nick can be seen holding the device as he reveals: “Having the right tools is crucial in being able to manage your diabetes properly. “It’s very important to me to check by blood sugar before I go on stage. “Being on while I am feeling low can be like being on a rollercoaster.

“It does at times feel like my body is telling me one thing and my mind and my heart is telling me to do something else. Managing my highs and lows is super important.

“My Contour means I can personalise my high-low settings so it really does micro manage where my blood sugar needs to be. “I’m Nick Jonas and never slowing down is my simple way.” The advert is currently airing on TV in the US.

Source: National Ledger

Jonas Brothers Perform 'Paranoid' Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Courtesy: JonasBrothersMusic

LVATT Reaches #1!

The Jonas Brothers have done it again! Lines, Vines and Trying Times has reached number one! Congrats to the Jonas Brothers for proving that they really are the best band out there yet again.

“Hey FanFamily,

Thanks to all our fans! It looks like we have our second number one album in less than 10 months! You’ve made “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” a success not only here in the U.S. but also in nations around the world.

You rock!

Kevin, Joe, Nick”

Jonas Brothers SayNow Karaoke Contest!

Monday, June 22, 2009
Say Now Contest!
Category: Music

Enter our Say Now Karaoke contest. Call 1 (818) 748-8887 to find out what to do. You could win a call back from us!

Source: JB’s Myspace

My Apologies to JBF Readers. . .

Sorry guys. I know I haven't been updating Jonas Brothers Fandemonium as much as I usually do. I had to finish up school stuff (finals, reports, BLAH). I sincerely apologize and I will try to get JBF up and running again as soon as possible. Updates will resume for the date of June 23rd, or on behalf of any important updates.

~Thank you,

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Jonasbrothers – Just bought our new album “Lines, Vines, and Trying Times!” Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy today!!!!



Jun 16, 2009 7:07 PM
Hey everyone!

We just got back today from Europe. It was an amazing trip. We loved being in NYC for our secret show, in Madrid, Paris, and London.

Now we are in Dallas for the last couple rehearsals for our World Tour. The stage and stadium look amazing. We still cannot believe that we are starting our tour in the New Cowboys Stadium in Dallas!!!!

ALSO OUR NEW CD IS OUT EVERYWHERE TODAY!!!! We went to the Walmart by the stadium and purchased CDs. We were joined by a group of fans. It was awesome.

Please consider going out to any store that carries CDs and get a copy OR go online and download the CD.

Thanks for all the support. We are so excited about this CD and the upcoming tour.

If you have the CD, leave us a comment and let us know what you think. What are your favorites?


Source: JB’s Myspace

Jonas Brothers purchasing their new album that came out today! Nick is driving them to Walmart and they hand out their CD to random old people. Pretty awesome! If you haven’t already, go and buy the CD. They deserve it!
Lines, Vines, and Trying Times Out Today!!!

Courtesy: JonasBrothersMusic

Monday, June 15, 2009


Sunday, June 14, 2009
Category: Music
Hey Everyone!

The countdown begins – just one more day.

Our new album, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” hits stores on Tuesday, June 16th!

Check out the CNN Behind the Scenes blog from this weekend!
Thank you so much for your support. We appreciate all of you and can’t wait to see you this Summer!

Don’t forget – Monday at midnight, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” is in stores!!!!

Source: JB’s Myspace

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Nick tweeted that he has graduated! Pretty awesome. Congratulations, Nick! We are very proud of you!

Jonasbrothers – I’m happy to announce I have graduated! Class of 09! Congrats to everyone else who has also graduated this year! -Mr. President (Nick)
about 1 hour ago from Tweetie

*Edit: WOOO the topic "Congrats Nick!" is #2 today on the trending topics board on Twitter!

New Exclusive Photo in the Jonas Brothers Facebook Calendar App!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009
New Exclusive Photo in the Jonas Brothers Facebook Calendar App!!!
Category: Music

Check out an exclusive photo in the Jonas Brothers Calendar App! Add the app to your profile for news, info and more exclusive photos!

Click Here to check out the app or go to

Source: Jonas Brothers’ Myspace

June 16th is Jonas Day!

“Disney Channel Celebrates Jonas Brothers Album Release With “Jonas Day”
June 12, 2009 9:40 p.m. EST
Anthony Jones – Celebrity News Service Contributor

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) – Jonas Brothers fans, get ready to celebrate Jonas Day. That’s what the Disney Channel is calling Tuesday, June 16th in celebration of the release of the latest Jonas Brothers album.

On June 16th, the Disney trio will release “Lines, Vines, & Trying Times,” the follow-up to last year’s platinum album, “A Little Bit Longer.” The channel will feature special Jonas programming from 10am to 10pm/EST, including six episodes of the Jonas Brothers show “JONAS.”

Disney Channel will also air Jonas Brothers music videos, as well as a re-airing of live performances of “Poison Ivy” and “Paranoid,” from their appearance on Good Morning America. The channel will also feature a sneak preview of the brothers’ upcoming tour, which kicks off June 20th in Dallas, TX.

“Lines, Vines, & Trying Times,” their fourth studio album, features the hit single, “Paranoid,” which is currently climbing up the Radio Disney charts.

Source: All Headline News

Behind the Scenes of LVATT

Courtesy: LiFEiSPARAN0iD

*Hopefully from the LVATT Album!!!*

MIley Says She and Nick Have Reconnected

Almost immediately after news broke that Miley Cyrus had split from boyfriend Justin Gaston, speculation arose that she and her ex, Nick Jonas, have rekindled their romance. And the teens haven’t done too much to discourage the rumors: On Thursday, photos of Miley and Nick jet-skiing in Georgia emerged, and next Tuesday, their duet, “Before the Storm,” will be available for public consumption on the JoBros’ new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times.

So, are Miley and Nick back together? Well, when Miley spoke to radio station 107.5 The River in Tennessee, it seemed like the answer was a definite “kind of.”

“He’s my best friend, and we still hang out all the time, and we’ve definitely reconnected,” she said when asked if it’s weird to work with her ex. “And we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but right now we’re just kicking it and hanging out as much as we can.”

The pair started to ignite rumors when they were seen at lunch together a few months back. Miley further explained that the two have managed to put any old problems aside to focus on the future.

“We both just kind of saw each other again and kind of decided this whole thing was stupid and … we all were over the separation,” she said. “And our families are super happy that we’re hanging out again.”

When MTV News caught up with Nick Jonas earlier this week, he explained a bit about how Cyrus ended up on their new album.

“I think ['Before the Storm' is] probably one of my favorite songs, because it has a great story to it. It’s a duet with Miley, which is great.” The song didn’t originally include Miley until Nick saw it as the perfect opportunity to record with his ex and to share their tale of young love with their fans. “It’s a good thing that happened, and it’ll be a good one to play live.”


Raw Footage: Miley and Nick go Jet Skiing

Music Review: The Jonas Brothers Album is Legit

By MESFIN FEKADU – June 12, 2009

Jonas Brothers, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” (Hollywood Records). Yes, millions of teenage girls helped the Jonas Brothers rise to fame, but they’re also the reason why the group isn’t taken seriously, musically speaking. The musicianship of Nick, Kevin and Joe is often overlooked, but that may finally change on their fourth studio album, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times.”

The follow-up to their breakthrough CD, 2008’s “A Little Bit Longer,” “Lines” features a cool collection of songs primarily written by the JoBros, including groovy ones like “Hey Baby,” “Much Better” and the first single, “Paranoid,” But the best songs are the slow jams, like “Turn Right” and the exceptional “Black Keys,” solely written by the youngest Jonas, 16-year-old Nick.

The CD is produced by John Fields (Miley Cyrus, Switchfoot) and executive produced by poppa Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Sr. “Lines, Vines and Trying Times” is not without its missteps, though. Where the boys try to take artistic leaps — like collaborating with rapper Common on “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime” — they fall short. The country-sounding “What Did I Do to Your Heart” is also dismissible.

CHECK THIS TRACK OUT: Definitely listen to “Black Keys,” the smoothest and most impressive song the CD offers.

The Jonas Brothers Rock the Secret Irving Plaza Show

NEW YORK — After walking onto the stage to Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” the brothers known as Jonas didn’t disappoint the 700 or so lucky fans who got the chance to see an intimate secret show Thursday night at Irving Plaza.

The guys kicked off the night with the sound of horns and screams as they played their new single, “Paranoid.” We’re gonna play some new songs,” Joe told the very excited crowd. “We’re the Jonas Brothers.” No kidding!

Next up, the JoBros rocked out “Poison Ivy,” off the new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, out Tuesday. Joe requested that the crowd “give me some poison ivy.” (Sounds pleasant.) The guys were dressed down, and seemed both excited and relaxed to play their new tracks. For pop stars, their show was definitely high voltage, and adding to the volume of their standard rock-band setup were a horn and a string section.

Then the guys played an older favorite, “Hold On,” and the crowd didn’t miss a word or a beat.

“It’s good to be home,” declared Joe, who grew up with his brothers in nearby Wyckoff, New Jersey.

The guys harked back to their “Camp Rock” days and performed the crowd-pleasing “Play My Music,” during which Kevin spun around, doing his patented guitar-playing dance.

Nick sat down at the piano for “Black Keys” and told the crowd mysteriously, “We’ve been through a lot this past year. Sometimes it’s better to see things plain and simple. Black and white.”

Then they certainly kicked it up with their breakup song, “Much Better,” which is presumably an ode to Joe’s ex, Taylor Swift. And it was certainly the highlight of the night when Kevin jumped up on the platform and busted out a rocking guitar solo. Nick addressed the song’s lyrics telling the crowd, “As you can see we have a lot to talk about.”

Then they played older classics (hey, 2006 was a long time ago for most JoBros fans) like “Year 3000″ and “Tonight.” Joe told the crowd, “It’s good to see you guys again. We love you guys.”

He proceeded to serenade the ladies with “Gotta Find You.” After reminding the audience to come to their shows, they pumped out their power ballad, “When You Look Me in the Eyes.”

They brought the energy back up (not that it ever went anywhere) when they sang “Be Be Good,” during which Joe told the elated crowd, “I want to kiss you.”

After the guys played another new track, “World War III,” the fans sang along to “Lovebug.” Actually, the Jonas boys could have left the singing entirely to the audience, who also didn’t need an “SOS,” when that song came on.

That was supposedly the last song of the night, but the brothers made it pretty clear that an encore was all ready to go. Just a minute or two later, they began playing chords to “Burnin’ Up,” and that’s where the guys ended the show for the night.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


As a few may know, a few stores in Guam had accidentally put on in stores the CD before the specific release date. Some fans bought the CD before they have taken it back down. So some of the songs are already released/leaked on the internet. Jonas Brothers Fandemonium will NOT be posting the songs up, only for Hollywood Records/Jonas Brothers purposes. Now, we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise for a perfectly amazing CD, would we?

If you want to listen before the release date. The only official releases where you can hear the songs are Walmart Soundcheck performances (Poison Ivy and Turn Right) and Radio Disney’s LVATT Planet Premiere, scheduled here:

3pm PT - “World War III”
4pm PT - “Black Keys”
5pm PT - “Much Better”

FRIDAY, 6/12
3pm PT - “Poison Ivy”
4pm PT - “Don’t Speak”
5pm PT - “Before The Storm”

3pm PT - “Turn Right”
4pm PT - “What Did I Do To Your Heart”
5pm PT - “Fly With Me”

SUNDAY, 6/14
3pm PT - “Hey Baby”
4pm PT - “Keep It Real”
5pm PT - “Paranoid”

MONDAY, 6/15
3pm PT - Full Album Premiere
Hosted by Jonas Brothers and Ernie D.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Joe Jonas: Behind the Scenes of 'Single Ladies'

OMJ! New Jonas Brothers Stuff at Walmart!

Jonas Brothers and Walmart! Can there be any better combination to get a Tuesday rolling into real excitement mode!

Of course, if you are a Jonas Brothers fan. This is big news, so let’s share:

Beginning today, only at, Jonas fans can catch an exclusive of the band performing songs from its upcoming Lines, Vines and Trying Times. The music comes with additional exclusive behind-the-scenes clips and interviews.

You can download a free mp3 of the track “Lovebug,” off the new album, also at More info below:

Beginning today and only at, Jonas Brothers fans can now watch an exclusive performance of the band performing songs from their upcoming album, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times,” as well as see special behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews.

The private concert, hosted by in Hollywood last month, can be accessed at

Fans can check out the live performance and download a free MP3 of the new track “Lovebug” from the private concert at Also, customers can preorder the new Jonas Brothers album at for only $9, and receive an instant track of the radio single, “Paranoid.”

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Joe Jonas Explains Why He Did the 'Single Ladies' Dance

First, it was the Beyoncé fans. Then it was Justin Timberlake on “Saturday Night Live.” And sometime last week, months after the song dominated radio airwaves and YouTube, a video of Joe Jonas doing his rendition of the “Single Ladies” dance popped up online. It’s already attracted close to 4 million views.

The video made many wonder why Joe decided to release a video of himself donned up in a leotard and heels for Beyoncé’s girl power anthem so late in the game. But the middle JoBro explained to MTV News that it was not entirely his idea.

“We filmed the video for the fans,” Jonas said. “We did a contest where we were figuring out what would you like Joe to do, and you pick one [out of three choices]. One was play bongos for 10 minutes, one was wrestle with [our bodyguard] Big Rob and one was do the ‘Single Ladies’ dance. I’ve only seen [Beyoncé's] video like maybe twice in my life, and we filmed it twice, so … it was cool.”

Although doing a dance he barely knew did pose a problem for the 19-year-old, there was a bigger issue during his performance: “Heels are really hard to wear. I feel bad for every girl that has to wear heels or chooses to wear heels,” he said. “They’re not fun.”

The video caused such a sensation that when the Jonas Brothers YouTube site went down for a few hours, fans thought that someone had put the smack-down on it. But Nick assured everyone that was not the case at all. “There was a glitch in the system, for like a couple of hours,” he said. “But it was all good.”

As far as Joe knows, Beyoncé and her people haven’t tried to take down his homage. “It may look like it was bad, like somebody, Beyoncé, got upset, but it was all good,” he said. “It’s back up now.”

Source: MTV News

Jonas Brothers - Lines, Vines and Trying Times Spot

Courtesy: JonasBrothersMusic

The Jonas Brothers have promised their World Tour 2009 will be their biggest spectacle yet — a massive trek featuring an in-the-round stage, a host of additional musicians and a few stunning surprises — so with just two weeks to go before the June 20th launch in Arlington, Texas, Rolling Stone popped into the band’s Dallas rehearsals to get a first-hand look. (Click above to watch the band chat about their eye-popping plans and a first glimpse at the new stage.)

“Putting this show together is so much different than anything we’ve ever done before,” Nick Jonas tells us. “We wanted a great way for everyone to have a front-row seat,” Kevin adds, noting, “You might have to come more than once to see it all because you might not catch it all.” Joe says that “Much Better” is a definite highlight: “It’s like a dance party onstage.” Get the full story behind the show in our rehearsal report here.

Plus, check out photos of the Jonas Brothers onstage and backstage in their little rehearsal space — the American Airlines Arena. Our cameras captured the band singing and testing out special new light effects (the show boasts 350 lighting units and requires 19 trucks to cart all the gear around), and more relaxed candid moments of the Jonas Brothers just being themselves — Nick chatting with bodyguard Big Rob and playing ping-pong; Joe trolling around on a Segway; Kevin hopping up and down on a trampoline; the band’s spread of healthy munchies. It’s also your first look at the band’s new stage, which practically stretches from one end of the arena to the other.

Source: Rolling Stone

Monday, June 8, 2009

Jonas Brothers Announce Details of New World Tour

Two days after George Strait closed out the biggest show on the planet, there’s still trash from the show under the seats of Cowboys Stadium–and construction crews wrapping up work on the building–but, on the arena floor, it’s all about prepping for the big Jonas Brothers show on June 20.

With an immense stage being assembled for the world tour that begins here in a few weeks, and a new album nearly here, the JoBros have plenty to talk about these days. So this morning, they just did what anyone does when they’re feeling a little chatty: They held a press conference.

First they dished on the new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, coming out June 15, including an answer to the burning question, “What the hell does the name mean?”

“Lines are just the things people are feeding you,” Nick Jonas explained, “and vines are things that get in your way.” And the “trying times”? You’re living in ‘em, right now. Heavy.

Kevin said he hopes fans will really get a kick out of the band’s new sound–if nothing else, it’s got Pete impressed–at times a funk-influenced sound with horns. The elder Jonas mentioned Neil Diamond and The Zutons as particular inspirations this time around.

But Kevin really got going when describing the details of the new concert stage, which they’ve been practicing on inside the American Airlines Center. “It looks a little smaller now, inside this stadium,” he said.

Patrick Michels
The Jonases discuss details of the stage being assembled on the arena floor.
Sounding like he might’ve engineered the whole thing himself, Kevin described the band’s stage for the world tour they’ll begin in Arlington: It’s 144 feet long, he said, with 200 lighting pieces, a 50-foot scissor lift and more lasers than ever before. It’s got a huge water curtain that’ll add to the effects and help keep the arena cool, too.

Best of all, the new stage is in the round, letting fans get ever more tantalizingly close to actually touching one of the Jonases.

And as for those foam-spewing fire hoses from the last tour, will they be back? Look out, kids.

“We don’t want to say just yet,” Kevin said. “We want our fans to be surprised.”

Source: Dallas Observer

OMJ! YOU Can Listen To NEW Jonas Songs Before Album Comes Out!

OMJ! This is exciting news. Starting this Thursday, June 11th, Radio Disney is going to be premiering songs from the Jonas Brothers’ new album “Lines, Vines And Trying Times” everyday. Do you know what that means?! It MEANS that over the course of FIVE days you’ll be able to hear the whole album before it drops on Tuesday, June 16th! If you miss any of ‘em, you don’t have to worry! Nick, Kevin and Joe will be on Radio Disney Monday, June 15th, to premiere their ENTIRE album at 3:00pm PT! Here’s a list of the dates and times when certain songs will play:

3pm PT - “World War III”
4pm PT - “Black Keys”
5pm PT - “Much Better”

FRIDAY, 6/12
3pm PT - “Poison Ivy”
4pm PT - “Don’t Speak”
5pm PT - “Before The Storm”

3pm PT - “Turn Right”
4pm PT - “What Did I Do To Your Heart”
5pm PT - “Fly With Me”

SUNDAY, 6/14
3pm PT - “Hey Baby”
4pm PT - “Keep It Real”
5pm PT - “Paranoid”

MONDAY, 6/15
3pm PT - Full Album Premiere
Hosted by Jonas Brothers and Ernie D.

Source: TigerBeat & Bop

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Who Did It Better?

Obviously. . .

Joe's Single Ladies Dance got 3,226,178 views in 4 days, while Beyonce` got 57,340,615 views in 7 months. Pshh in 7 months Joe's video is gonna be in the billions. No wonder why their YouTube didn't work; it crashed because everyone wanted a taste of Joe shakin' his tail feather TO THE MAX!

Well, who ya think did it better?

"Send It On" Video Shoot Today!

Jonasbrothers - Hey! So today we’re on set filming a music video for the Disney Channel…and then back to good ‘ol Dallas for tour rehearsals! - JB

mileycyrus - im in a dark theater “writing” a song with nick j who is rockin a faded egg plant shirt! :)

ddlovato - Videoshoot for send it on with selena, miley, and jb!

ddlovato - Just wrapped up the videoshoot… One of the funnest shoots ever. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve laughed harder in my life!

Jonasbrothers - Ping pong….the greatest game EVER…..well maybe not the greatest but it definitely rules!

Jonasbrothers - Great day. We love our friends. -JB

Saturday, June 6, 2009

**EDIT** More Info on the Jonas Brothers YouTube Suspension

EDIT: YTJonasBrothersMusic is fake for these reasons - 1) they do not have separate youtube names, 2) they are no longer in Walter the Farting Dog, it’s just Frankie, 3) they would never say “because of the hate”, they would say something a little bit more professional

EDIT: PerezHilton just posted this:

Uh oh!

The Jonas Brothers’ YouTube account has just been “suspended” and none of their videos are up on the site!


Well, it seems like the Jonai didn’t go through the appropriate channels when they posted that video of Joe dancing to Beyonce’s single ladies.

Beyowulf is on a competing label to the Jonai’s Hollywood Records - she’s on Sony BMG - and they probably sent a cease and desist to YouTube.

The offending clip has since been removed due to “terms of use violation”.

But did they really need to suspend the Brothers’ account and yank all their vids?

Hopefully it’s just a temporary situation!

Who cares? It's back up {yay}

'Fly with Me' on piano

Ello dearest Jonas Brothers Fandemonium readers! Christine here again. Did you get a chance to hear 'Fly With Me' yet? If not, click the play button on the playlist on the bottom of the blog. Speaking of that, I made a piano cover of Fly With Me. Please check it out! Check out my other Jonas Brothers song covers!

Courtesy: butchiechihuahualove

Click to Subscribe to my videos!

Demi and Miley with the Jonas Brothers? Miley and Nick back together?

Demi tweeted:

"Videoshoot for send it on with selena, miley, and jb!"

Miley Tweeted:

"im in a dark theater “writing” a song with nick j who is rockin a faded egg plant shirt! :)"

hmmm. . . maybe for her new album?

So, anyways, have any of you heard the newest preview of "Before the Storm"? Yes, I hate to spoil it for you, but the 'Special Guest' on LVATT on this song is in fact MILEY! And who sings with her? Our own Nicholas Jerry Jonas! MAJOR NILEY MOMENT! Are Nick and Miley really back together? I hate to get into their personal lives, but this makes me super happy! Hmmmm. . . could it be? Niley again? Let's just wait and see what rumors start to pop up!

Courtesy: j0eejonassx7

Miley: Just thinking back to where we started
And how we lost all that we are

Nick: We were young and times were easy
But i could see its not the same
Were standing here but you dont see me
I'd give it all for that to change
And I don't want to loose her
Don't wanna let her go

I have a feeling that this is about their relationship/friendship. In my opinion, this is one of my favorite songs off the album. And plus, when Nick was asked which song was his most personal, he simply said:

" Um. The most personal song for me would probably be Before the Storm. *leans away from the webchat."

And then Joe says: "Why is that Nick?"
Response: "I SUDDENLY HAVE TO GO!! Um. I don't know. Just hear it." and then blushes.

Awww, just admit it Nick, it's about Miley, isn't it?
PLUS, they were talking about LEVIs during the chat. Ring a bell?

"your old levis" - Miley Cyrus, 7 Things.

PLUS, Joe was like all " WE GOT THE PARTY WITH US!!!" Ring another bell?

WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH. What did I just say to myself about blogging about their personal lives?! Woah, erase all that. But did you like what I just blogged about? Tell me. Do you think it's wrong? I sincerly apologize to some who do not like me blogging about this, but I just couldn't help it. But get it straight. I said the facts, not some made up tabloids.

Long Live Niley


Yes, we do know that the Youtube account is suspended for a violation. Usually it’s because idiots try flagging the account and then Youtube has to shut it down because of so many flags and figure out the problem. I am sure it will be back up soon.

So in the meantime. . . .

Enjoy Joe's Single Ladies Dance from another Youtube account, ZanessaLoversS2

JONAS Post Update!

To all Jonas Brothers Fandemonium Readers,

JONAS will not be airing tonight, due to the Cheetah Girls Marathon. Instead, Tune in @ 8/7 c to watch the newest JONAS episode, "Band's Best Friend", featuring the song "We Got To Work This Out". Also, keep an eye out for the Jonas Brothers NEWEST Music Video for "Fly With Me." It's sure to be a great one!


Jonas Brothers Co-Host "Sports Center"

Jonasbrothers - Watch us on sports center tonight! - JB [?]

Courtesy: ohhowyoureyessparkle

Courtesy: EPSN

Jonas Brothers Walmart Soundcheck

Courtesy: JonasBrothersMusic


Friday, June 05, 2009
Category: Music


The music video “Fly With Me” goes behind the scenes as the Jonas Brothers rehearse for their concert tour. The song is featured in “Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian” and the Jonas Brothers have a cameo in the film! “Fly With Me” is off the upcoming June 16th album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times.”

Source: Jonas Brothers’ Myspace

Friday, June 5, 2009

Jonas Bros @ the MMVAs 2009!

Major. Total. Pandemonium.

Only MuchMusic can induce heart palpitations and ear deafening decibels of this magnitude! The 2009 MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS (aka the event of the year) is back, co-hosted by the Jonas Brothers. The larger than life trio, who have two platinum albums in Canada, return to Much HQ after leaving downtown Toronto in unprecedented ruins following the most insane LIVE@MUCH the nation has ever seen. Last July, 6,000+ screaming Jonas Brothers fans demonstrated their devotion, some lining up for more than two days to meet their idols.

The 2009 MUCHMUSIC VIDEO AWARDS airs live Sunday, June 21.

In addition to their MMVAs co-hosting duties, the GRAMMY®-nominated band performs for the Jonas-crazy crowd the day after they open The Jonas Brothers 2009 World Tour, which has seven upcoming Canadian dates and has been selling out across North America and Europe. Their gotta-get new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, out on June 15, gives the group new smash hits for the high-energy, music-packed, celeb-filled, live broadcast where celebrities have been known to go buck wild!

Let us know what you think in the comments section below and make sure to stay tuned to, and Twitter @MuchMusic for MMVA alerts!

Mobile Facebook Status Updates from Jonas Brothers!

Friday, June 05, 2009
Mobile Facebook Status Updates from Jonas Brothers!
Category: Music

Text “fan JonasBrothers” to 32665 today on your cell phone to receive Mobile Facebook Status Updates from Jonas Brothers!

Source: Jonas Brothers’ Myspace

Vote for JB 2009 Much Music Awards!!

Friday, June 05, 2009
Vote for JB 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards!!!
Category: Music

We’re nominated for 2 awards at the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards on June 21st:

International Video of the Year - Group (for “Lovebug”)
UR FAVE International Video of the Year (for “Burnin’ Up”)

We need your help! Click here, or head over to to vote for “Burnin’ Up.”

Thanks everyone!!

Source: Jonas Brothers’ Myspace

The Jonas Brothers Do That Ding You Do

The Jonas Brothers poke their heads through a torn drum in this new still from JONAS.

In the upcoming episode “That Ding You Do,” Joe joins the school’s orchestra to impress his crush and being the good brothers that they are, Kevin and Nick have to help him develop a classical piece to prove he is a serious musician. Meanwhile, Stella (Chelsea Staub) bets Macy (Nicole Anderson) that she can avoid texting longer than Macy can go without talking about JONAS.

“That Ding You Do” premieres Sunday, June 28 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Live Chat baby!!!

In case you missed it:

Joe Jonas Dances SINGLE LADIES!

And here's what y'all been waiting for . . .


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Free Jonas Brothers Summer Concert Tickets Gone in Minutes

Jonas Brothers fans flocked to early Thursday and gobbled up all the free tickets to the Disney pop trio’s live appearance in “Good Morning America’s” Summer Concert series in less than 10 minutes.

In about the same time it takes to spoof Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video, all the tickets were gone.

The Disney pop trio’s free performance in Central Park is scheduled for Friday, June 12, just days before the release of their fourth album, “Lines, Vines and Trying Times.”

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009
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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to remind you about our LIVE CHAT tomorrow on FaceBook.

The last 2 chats have been so much fun. Hopefully you will join us again.

Leave some questions here and we will pick some tomorrow.


Kevin, Joe and Nick

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hands On Jonas

Finally, a Jonas Brothers game! Disney Interactive knows what I, and tween girls want, and that is the freaking Jo-Bros. And so here at E3 2009 they were showing off the Altron-developed game for the Nintendo DS.

The game Jonas is based on the new show on the Disney Channel. It starts the Jonas Brothers, playing the Lucas Brothers, who are in a band called Jonas, named after the street they live on. Got that? Imagine Flight of the Conchords, but more slapstick, made for tween girls, and starring the Jonas Bros (I know, that sounds amazing).

The game, in concept, is similar to the Hannah Montana: Music Jam game from a few years back. It has a story and an adventure game mode, as well as a touch screen rhythm game element. Both are similar to, but different from previous games in this style in Disney’s lineup.

In the adventure mode, players run around, collecting notes to fill up a power bar. This power bar allows the character to use a guitar to activate machines, change the direction of things like moving platforms, open locked areas, and other things that help solve the various puzzles. To activate the powerup players have to play a small section of a song, kind of like playing a song on an Ocarina, but touch screen based, and way more rocking. The game spans six levels, based on six of the episodes from the first season of the show.

The music portion has D-pad icons falling from the top screen. Players have to press the shown direction, then strum the guitar on the touch screen when the icon hits the strings. It’s very similar to how the Hannah Montana game and Ultimate Band on the DS played.

Oh and did I mention you can accessorize the Jo Bros with different outfits, hats, and shoes. Because you so totally can. Those boys do love their fashion, especially Joe.

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On the Scene: Jonas Brothers’ mom calls the tune for Good Housekeeping

Wednesday, June 3rd 2009, 8:23 AM

The Jonas Brothers share some space with their mom in the July issue of Good Housekeeping.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are total mama’s boys - in the best way.

In the July issue of Good Housekeeping, the pop stars pose with their mom, Denise, who reveals how she raised the boys right in the spotlight. Mama Jonas says she taught her sons everything from good manners to safe sex (otherwise known as “abstinence”) - and how to behave on the road.

“She makes us be careful in the hotel room,” admits 17-year-old Nick of his mother’s etiquette rules. “[She makes us] put back the towels, straighten the bed.”

But Mom is smart enough to know that boys will be boys, and that they won’t be able to keep their pure images forever. “They are men. They have desires,” she confesses, even though each of her boys wears a chastity ring. “They have testosterone. If they make a mistake, I’m not going to hate them. I don’t think they are above or below being seduced. I would be foolish if I thought that. I pray for them.”

Thankfully, Denise doesn’t have much to worry about - for now.

“People always ask, ‘What’s a girl have to do to get your attention?’” says Joe, 19. “[I say] she has to be good to Mom.”

As for Denise’s requirements in a daughter-in-law? “She must sincerely and totally love my son!”

With a world full of adoring fans, that shouldn’t be hard to find.

Source: Daily News

How to Raise Rock Stars

Denise Jonas, mom of the Jonas Brothers, opens up about how she keeps them grounded. Plus, download a free poster, watch behind-the-scenes video, and enter to win an autographed magazine and CD.

From food stamps to fame, it’s been a wild ride for Denise Jonas, mom of America’s biggest pop stars, the Jonas Brothers. Here, she opens up about how she keeps them grounded and makes her marriage work — plus the one parenting rule she will never, ever break

About a year ago, Denise Jonas took her family to a Bob’s Big Boy near Burbank, CA. As everyone began deciding between the fried chicken and cheeseburgers, in walked Kristy McNichol, the actress who starred in the late-1970s TV series Family and the 1980 film Little Darlings.

“She was just sitting there. My teenage idol!” Denise practically squeals, even now. At the restaurant, she turned her head all the way around just to watch McNichol sit down in a booth and open a menu. “I’d just loved her so much,” Denise says. “I did the whole thing — gasped, sucked the air out of the room.”

“Mom!” Denise’s kids said. “What’s wrong?!”

Her boys stared at Denise as if she might be ill. Finally one guessed, “Starstruck?”

The family burst out laughing. Denise’s family is the Jonas family, and her three oldest sons — Kevin, 21; Joseph, 19; and Nicholas, 16 — are the Jonas Brothers, arguably the world’s most popular band. The first weeks of their 2009 seven-month, sold-out international tour will take them from Lima to London. And at every concert, tween and teenage girls (as well as many of their moms) quiver, sob, scream, and sometimes faint. No wonder they are the youngest band ever to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. With their fourth studio album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, just out and their booming TV and movie careers, the boys have the pop-culture landscape well covered.

If it has all been a wild ride since the brothers guest-starred on a 2007 Hannah Montana episode, nearly instant fame continues to be a surreal experience for the woman who gave birth to them all. People are starting to rubberneck at her.

“The other day I was in Walmart buying, you know, private things,” Denise says, her brown eyes sparkling. “And people were coming right over to my cart!”

Denise Jonas is caught in a Disney-magic-wand moment between the working class world she has always known and the fairy-princess fishbowl of fame where she will most likely live from now on. Little in her background prepared her for trips to the White House (seven so far), chats with Barbara Walters, and travel by private plane. When she was growing up in Newburgh, NY, her dad was employed by an exterminating company and later by the postal service, and her mom worked in public school education. Her family moved to Phoenix when she was a child. They were, Denise says, typical Italians — big on food (Grandma’s cooking comes up in interviews with the Jonas Brothers) and sacrifice for children. When Denise was young, the family converted from Catholicism to nondenominational Christianity, and after high school, Denise felt called to missionary work. “I had a heart to give my life to service. [But] I didn’t really know all I could do in that area,” Denise says. “After meeting my husband, we were able to work through music.”

Young Love

Denise and Kevin Jonas Sr. met on their very first day at Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas. The sweet-faced man with an intense demeanor (”He talked like he was going to conquer the world,” Denise recalls) had grown up dirt-poor in rural North Carolina with his single mother, and was considered a musical prodigy, singing professionally at age 7. Both Kevin and Denise say they fell for each other at first sight, right in the registration line. “He was talking about working at a summer camp with these young kids, and all his passion and heart for them. And I thought, ‘He could be a wonderful father someday.’”

Within six months of their meeting, Kevin proposed on bended knee; they were married on August 15, 1985. Both were just 18 years old. After graduation, Kevin Sr. became a worship director at an Assembly of God church in Wyckoff, NJ, but his heart lay with music. He soon left his job, and the family, which now included baby Kevin Jr., moved in with Denise’s parents in Arizona. “Kevin worked very diligently to learn the music industry from a songwriting perspective,” Denise remembers. “He’d fly to Nashville — just walking the street, walking into different places.”

For income, Kevin tried to help Denise’s parents, who had bought a carpet-installation business in Arizona. The venture didn’t go well at all. “We had to live on food stamps,” Denise recalls. “It was very hard on my husband. He was trying to do something good for the family, but the business wasn’t paying. It was a humbling time. Now we look back on it as a turning point — something necessary for us to go through so we could properly appreciate where we would be later.”
It’s a Family Affair

Though Kevin Sr. abandoned his dream of becoming a performer, he took a job that combined his Christian faith and love of music: directing a music program at his and Denise’s old institute. This required the family, which by the early 1990s included Kevin Jr. and baby Joe, to spend months at a time on the road in a 15-passenger van, meeting with students.

“We wanted [everyone] to feel joy in the presence of our children,” Denise says. “To me, there’s nothing more frustrating than being around a child who’s annoying. We taught our kids proper manners.” Denise’s methods: consistency, boundaries, and constantly “reinforcing good conduct until it was behavior. Because they’re going to be adults a lot longer than they’re children.”

Even now that her boys are rock stars, Denise holds a hard line on manners; it’s a key way she keeps them grounded while they’re surrounded by a world of glitz.

“It’s not like we’re the von Trapps, and she has a whistle,” says Kevin Jr.

“Yeah, but sometimes we’re running around like madmen,” says Nick. “And she makes us be careful in the hotel room — put back the towels, [straighten] the bed.”

A few years after Nick was born in 1992, Kevin Sr. received another job offer: to be senior pastor at their old church in Wyckoff. Thinking it would be a good place to raise their children — they couldn’t stay on the road forever (”Ha!” Denise now laughs) — they accepted.

Like virtually all mothers, Denise knows that each of her four children (there’s also 8-year-old Franklin, known as Frankie; see page 188) has his talents, but right away, she and Kevin Sr. could tell that Nick was different. He did not like the usual childhood pastimes — he didn’t want to play with LEGOs or watch TV (which Denise only let the boys watch on weekends). “The only thing Nick would watch was a DVD of Mary Martin in Peter Pan.”

Then he started singing — beautifully. One day when he was crooning at the salon where Denise got her hair done, another customer said, “He needs a manager.”

Find out how Nick, Joe and Kevin Jr. started their acting careers, plus how Denise and Kevin keep their marriage strong. Pick up a copy of the July issue of Good Housekeeping on your nearest newsstand.

Source: Good Housekeeping



All new webcast this Thursday June 4th at 5pm PDT. Expect more surprises including a live performance of a new song!

You can also catch a repeat of last week’s webcast starting at 4pm PDT.

4pm PDT - Repeat Webcast #2



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“Jonas Brothers Go Through ‘Lines, Vines and Trying Times’ Track-by-Track!

We here at know that you are absolutely gagging to hear the Jonas Brothers fourth album ‘Lines, Vines and Trying Times’, but with the release date still a few weeks away, we’ve got something to keep you going until then. The Jo Bros have just released track by track descriptions of each song on the album, so from that, now you can errr, try to imagine what the songs sound like?? Remember kids - Friday June 19th = ‘Lines, Vines and Trying Times’ Australian release date! Oh and check out the video for ‘Paranoid’ if you haven’t already - it’s amazing!

Lines, Vines and Trying Times - Track by Track

“World War III”
This is about a personal experience for me. “World War III” deals with the challenge of a girl who keeps attacking you, provoking you, trying to fight you all the while she’s the only one fighting –Nick Jonas

We had the amazing opportunity of writing with two great talents, Cathy Dennis and our producer John Fields. We loved the outcome so much we decided to put it on our record –Jonas Brothers

“Fly With Me”
This song was originally composed for an upcoming film release. After screening the movie and going through the initial process of matching our style to the visuals of the film, we wrote “Fly With Me.” It’s exciting to know that this song will be used in the film’s end credits, as well as featured on our new album –Jonas Brothers

“Poison Ivy”
“Poison Ivy” was a way for us to find the common bond between metaphor and reality. We had the pleasure of writing with our bass player Greg Garbowsky (who we wrote “Tonight” with) infusing new sounds through the use of horn pieces among other new and imaginative musical styles –Nick Jonas

“Hey Baby”
We originally wrote this song for the last album (A Little Bit Longer) while on the road, but felt the “old school sound” was more cohesive with our present style –Nick Jonas

“Before The Storm”
This song was written after personal experiences that made us grow in the ways of love and relationships –Jonas Brothers

“What Did I Do To You Heart”
We wrote this song last summer while on tour in Europe with Avril Lavigne. Still learning and coming into our own, we saw that we would try to solve issues about girls, life, and coming of age, without even knowing what the challenges would be –Jonas Brothers

“Much Better”
Our fans mean the world to us and “Much Better” is giving back to them. After two years of their loyalty and dedication we felt there was no more personal way to give back than to share our influences, from the Bee Gee’s to Neil Diamond –Joe Jonas

“Black Keys”
The inspiration for this song came by way of sitting one day at a piano and writing my first song through the use of only the black keys. It was then that I realized the simplicity of black and white versus the noise that is brought on by color –Nick Jonas

“Don’t Charge Me For The Crime” (featuring Common)
“Don’t Charge Me For The Crime” is a story about getting roped into situations beyond your control. A friend calls you needing a ride and unbeknownst to you, he’s just robbed a bank. Being the good friend that you are, you pick him up and involve yourself beyond your control. This all leads up to you wanting to do the right thing, but even more so, wanting to help those around you into doing the right thing –Jonas Brothers

“Turn Right”
The idea stems from the course that racecar drivers take out on the track, always turning left and here if you take that one chance to go against the grain you find yourself in the arms of safety. It’s a song about taking a chance, doing what you are not necessarily comfortable with and discovering solace in the unknown. And most importantly, trusting those who mean a lot to you –Joe Jonas

“Don’t Speak”
“Don’t Speak” is an homage to some of our favorite contemporary bands: U2, Kings Of Leon and Muse. I think it deals with the biggest mistake we all make which is dwelling on the past instead of just making strides towards the future. All too often we get stuck spinning our wheels trying to fix things without ever realizing how much life is passing us by, because we’ve forgotten how much there is to just look forward to –Jonas Brothers

“Keep It Real”
No description!

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