Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hands On Jonas

Finally, a Jonas Brothers game! Disney Interactive knows what I, and tween girls want, and that is the freaking Jo-Bros. And so here at E3 2009 they were showing off the Altron-developed game for the Nintendo DS.

The game Jonas is based on the new show on the Disney Channel. It starts the Jonas Brothers, playing the Lucas Brothers, who are in a band called Jonas, named after the street they live on. Got that? Imagine Flight of the Conchords, but more slapstick, made for tween girls, and starring the Jonas Bros (I know, that sounds amazing).

The game, in concept, is similar to the Hannah Montana: Music Jam game from a few years back. It has a story and an adventure game mode, as well as a touch screen rhythm game element. Both are similar to, but different from previous games in this style in Disney’s lineup.

In the adventure mode, players run around, collecting notes to fill up a power bar. This power bar allows the character to use a guitar to activate machines, change the direction of things like moving platforms, open locked areas, and other things that help solve the various puzzles. To activate the powerup players have to play a small section of a song, kind of like playing a song on an Ocarina, but touch screen based, and way more rocking. The game spans six levels, based on six of the episodes from the first season of the show.

The music portion has D-pad icons falling from the top screen. Players have to press the shown direction, then strum the guitar on the touch screen when the icon hits the strings. It’s very similar to how the Hannah Montana game and Ultimate Band on the DS played.

Oh and did I mention you can accessorize the Jo Bros with different outfits, hats, and shoes. Because you so totally can. Those boys do love their fashion, especially Joe.

Source: IGN