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JB., originally uploaded by sweetcaroline;.

I JUST found this. This was from my concert :)

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Honeymoon in Mexico

Honeymoon in Mexico, originally uploaded by Texan_heart.

*gasp* Somebody worked out for his honeymoon :) I'm just really mad that the paparazzi still go out for them during their honeymoon. GEEZ PEOPLE. I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE GETTING PAID! LEAVE THEM ALONE FOR ONCE.

Honeymoon in Mexico

Honeymoon in Mexico, originally uploaded by Texan_heart.

Aww. They make the cutest couple EVER.

Honeymoon in Mexico

Honeymoon in Mexico, originally uploaded by Texan_heart.

"I'll put a flower in your hair."

Kevin and Danielle

Kenielle on their romantic honeymoon in Mexico.

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kevin&danielle jonas wedding program.

From an unknown source inside the wedding who attended. Here is Kevin and Dani's ACTUAL Wedding Program.

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Heyy I'm back! Sorry guys. Entrance Exams, School Stuff, Erhem . . .JONAS CONCERT!

Well, as some of you may have known, Jonas came to CT October 9 and 10. I was lucky enough to get a hold of 2 pairs of Jonas tickets for 10/10, for me and my cousin. (Section 115, Seats 4 and 5). Hmmm. I can STILL clearly remember it. . . .

The day started when I was waiting to leave, watching the JB 3D Concert Experience on HBO. The movie finished, and the clock struck 3:30 PM, 4 hours before the show started. My cousin & I hopped into the car and took a 1 hour drive to Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun Casino). Ha. I could remember that we pulled the windows all the way down and blasted the music singing, with me holding my poster out and screaming, "JONAS, JONAS, JONAS!" to the people on the highway. . . . soooo. It was about 4:00, and we parked in an upper level parking area, near the entrance, and sang the whole time walking. About 4:15, we walked into the casino, and hoards of Jonas fans surrounded the whole entire area, walking out with JB shirts, hats, bags, you name it. As I did the previous night, I looked on the Wonder Girls' twitter (@followwg) and it said that they were doing a public MEET and GREET at Spin City from 4:30 to 5:00. Soooo, as I did, we stayed in the M&G line for about 1 1/2 hours. As anybody would know by now, the song 'Nobody' played in the atmosphere for almost the whole time we were there. So, the whole time waiting, I stood in line dancing the Nobody dance. Soon enough, I attracted enough attention, and one of the Jonas/Wonder Girls staff with a professional camera started filming fans who were dancing. (hehehe, yes I was one of them). About 5:15, it was my turn to meet the Wonder Girls, and yes, I was STILL dancing Nobody. Soooo. I ended up dancing the dance with THEM. (SUCCESS!) The guy, the Asian guy I should say, took my camera and snapped about 3 pics with them. (OMG. Teenie moment. THAT ASIAN GUY KNEW JONAS.)

Sooo. After that, it was about 5:30 and we started to head for the crowd surrounding the Arena entrance. About 30 minutes into the wait, screaming and chaos started, and soon enough, the staff was forced to let us in, because of the complaint of the old people in the casino. Walk in, buy water, staff shows us our seats. Section 115 wasn't the best, but I didn't really care; WE WERE BREATHING THE SAME AIR AS THEM. 6:30 PM, We see JYP and the other Asian lady walk into the arena, and the fans from the Backstage M&G came back. Me and my cousin spotted Uncle Josh (Miller), I think Angela, BRAD!, Guitar Tech people, and yes, Coach K (Kiyoko) but no Maya. From where I was sitting, we saw a little opening from the black curtain covering the doors backstage, so guess what we saw? Skinny jeans and patent leather boots. Only means one thing: JONAS. Yes. Nick was changing into the blue collar shirt when we looked through the crack ( I mean the black curtained door hehe). Then we saw Papa J, and THEN what we think was Dani. Halfway through the wait, fans started the wave, and that continued on for about 15 minutes. Finally, at 7:36, the lights dimmed, the screaming became louder, and the energy intensified. The Wonder Girls came on stage and first sang "Nobody." On account that we heard that song for 2 hours, of course we HAD to do the dance. Then, they sang their second song, "Tell Me." After the Wonder Act, the lights came back on, and the 18 minute wait started. Again, we saw the Guitar Tech people check their instruments, I think we saw John Lloyd Taylor go on stage, and the lights were ran one final time. At 7:52, the lights dimmed one last final time, and the "We Will Rock You" beat began. With the fans stomping and clapping to the beat, the screaming intesified even more when Christa and Caroline came, then John Taylor and Ryan, then Jack and Garbo, and then the horns. Randy was carrying a "We LOVE the Horns" sign, but I have no idea where that came from. Then . . . . all of a sudden, as the opening intro was playing, yes, the three Jersey boys walked out of the curtained door, up the stage hand stairs, and then finally up onto the stage. And wow, that screaming was. . . just. . . WOW. They played their first song: Paranoid. Joe was wearing a black sweater type of thing, his curly cut hair, and a pair of tight white jeans. I've heard that the previous night's show, from a girl sitting behind us, that Joe's buttons on his pants came undone and he had to fix them with paperclips Nick gave him! Kevin was wearing a white V-neck, black suit top type of thing, and tight demin jeans. Nicholas wore a blue collared shirt, black tight jeans, and a buckled belt. Yes, from Section 115, I actually took the time to pay attention to that. The Set List was as followed:

Poison Ivy
Hold On
Play My Music
I Gotta Feelin'/Tonight
Gotta Find You
Video Girl
Sweet Caroline
Burnin' Up

During the song, "Year 3000," Joe brought up about 5 girls who dressed up as the TELLETUBBIES, who were, which in fact, we met and were right behind in line, and a girl with a gagillion buttons on her. And Joe asks the Telletubbie girls their names, and then he said, "Wait, the Telletubbies had real names? I didn't know that." Ohh Joseph. Then, during "Video Girl", Brad, their LiveNation tour manager, threw a sweater at Joe, and Joe did like a rooster defense sort of move. Thus, led to Brad going on stage to have a 'dance off'. lmfao. Brad, you're dancing was superb. Finally, right before WYLMITE, Joe was saying that John and Jack needed dates to Kevin's wedding, which led to Kevin's love advice. Kevin, BEST LOVE ADVICE ever! Sadly, at about 9ish, the concert ended. The final note went out with a big bang, and the lights came back on. Pshh. We could've stayed there to wait if someone was going to come out, but we hadn't ate since 3 PM that day. And the highlight of my day. We were eating at the Mohegan Buffet, and my cousin and I were talking about what if either the Jonases walked in or one of the band members did. We were all like "Ohh. There seems to be no more seats left, but you can sit on my lap." We stood up to get more food, and then as I was headed towards the dessert table, 4 teenies were following me. I kept walking, but then a little blondie stopped my path, looked at me sternly, and said, "OMG. DEMI LOVATO?!" And then I'm all like. . . . Uhmm. Sure? and continue walking back to my table. Then, when we were at the arcade, we started taking pictures and assumed that they were there, on account that we saw a Red Bull can, thinking it was Nick's.

Thank you Nicholas, Joseph, Paul Kevin II, Kevin Sr., Denise, Frankie, Brad, John Taylor, Garbo, Lawless, Ryan, Caroline, Christa, LiveNation, Mohegan Sun, and everyone who was involved in coming to CT that day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)
Want to see MY pictures from the concert?
Go to: and click on "JB Concert 10/10/09
And please follow me on Twitter! @jonasfan3345

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Hey JBF! I need your help!

I know, I haven't been updating as usual. But I'm backkkk :-)

But, I have a question for you guys:

Do YOU want to be part of Jonas Brothers Fandemonium?

You can be part of JBF by:

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email any of the adresses above!

~Christine :)

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Jonas Brothers Fandemonium Commemorates 9/11

Today on this day 8 years ago, a sorrow tragedy happened in our nation. May the souls lost on this day eight yours ago rest in peace, and for the heroes that saved what they could, may God bless them. Keep our thoughts solemn in our hearts.

Kevin Jonas speaking about the memories of 9/11

Joe Jonas also speaking about 9/11

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who lost loved ones or family members.

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Jonas Updates For August 30th, 2009

Hey oh! Sorry for not updating again. But here's what I've found.

1.) Kevin Jonas Sr. and Denise Jonas Singing

2.) What the Jonas Brothers think about Fan Fics

3.) Another Joe Jonas BRA ATTACK

No, I don't have a video of it, but I have a picture.

4.) Nick and Miley in NY together?!

Nick Jonas smiled for his fangirls while stepping out of his hotel in New York City on Friday. Ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus trotted through the city as well. Do YOU think they met up that night?!

5.) Kevin Jonas doesn't like the Red Sox

6.) Jonas Brothers sing God Bless America

7.) Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are Alabama BFFs

From OceanUp:

BPLovesJonas: I got to meet the Jonas Brothers in Birmingham, Alabama on August 16, 2009. It was very nice for them to come over to meet with us. You have to overlook the screaming though (I was so excited). If you look closely you can see Miley Cyrus. She is right beside Nick.

NOTE: People are fighting about whether it's Miley or Mandy Van Duyne.

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And Now the LONG Wait Begins . . . .

ARGH! One more day . . . ONE MORE DAY!!!! I couldn't get tickets from the TJ Presales yesterday . . . :( One more day. Imma gonna wake up @ 9:00 am and sit there clicking away while calling TICKETMASTER. Hopefully I get 'em. :) Wish Me Luck!!!!

And from now on . . .

I won't be updating my blog as much as I used to, but I'll update it everyday, but only one entry a day. But, I'll have like 5- 15 new things on each entry. So. . .

1.) Interviews
2.) Jonas Bros. Wish Ms. Demi Lovato A Happy Birthday!
3.) Jonas Brothers Remind You of Their Live Webchat
4.) The Jonas Brothers Watch District 9

Number 1:

Chosun News Backstage Interview With Jonas Brothers In Los Angeles
Youtube: iLOVEyoobin

Number 2

JB Wishing Demi Happy Birthday
Youtube: pinkshoeprincess

Number 3

YouTube: JonasBrothersMusic

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Apologies JBF Readers!

I AM SOOO SORRY!!! My schedule hasn't been recently as you say, "empty" for the past couple of weeks. School stuff, and all of that nonsense. blah. Well, if you guys are willing to be followed up everyday, you might as well find me on Facebook.

Please email me @:

Ok, then. So to update you on some matters in the past week:

1.) Jonas Brothers Live Webcast
2.) Joe Jonas to Judge on American Idol
3.) Two New Jonas Brothers US Shows Released
3.) My 'Send It On' Recap

Well then, Here's #1:

Don’t forget to tune into Jonas Brothers’ Live Webcast this Saturday, August 22 at 2:00pm – 3:00pm (EST)! Click here for more information and click above to RSVP!

~From the Jonas Brothers Facebook:


Number 2:

One of the Jonas Brothers is going to be a guest judge on American Idol!

FOX News reports that reality show Pop Tarts has spilled the beans and revealed that one of the three musician JoBros will join forces with the first American Idol Kelly Clarkson at next week’s audition series as celeb judges to find the next singing sensation.

Other guest judges on the audition circuit for Season 9 include country sensation Shania Twain, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Mary J. Blige.

ETA: It’s Joe!

TELL JJJ: What do you think of Joe judging the singing comp?

Source: Just Jared Jr.

Number 3:

This just IN:

The Jonas Brothers have enlisted releasing 2 MORE US Shows. From and Team Jonas:

" We are pleased to announce that Jonas Brothers will be performing two concerts at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT on Saturday, October 10, 2009!

The Team Jonas fan club presales for these concerts will begin on Wednesday, August 19 at 10:00 AM ET, so make sure to be at early! Here are the show details:

October 10, 2009 (3:00 PM show): Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT :)
October 10, 2009 (7:30 PM show): Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT :)

The presales for both shows will end on Friday, August 21 at 10:00 PM ET. The public onsales for these concerts will begin Saturday, August 22 at 10:00 AM ET at Ticketmaster.

For more info visit or"

And yes, I'm going to BOTH shows!!!! EEEPP! I'll be sure to be blogging about it, but not yet; I still haven't gotten my tickets! I'm gonna be clicking my soul away and calling at 9:58 am for SURE! Anyone want pics if I go?

Last but not least, #4

Ok, so I guess you guys already saw Send It On. So here's my recap and review:

Rating: ★★★★★
Review: "Send It On" was AHMAZING! First, the NILEY moments in it!!! Just the opening scene made me hopeful, and all along the song, more Niley moments occured. (: Jemi? Yes! More Jemi Moments! But, the only thing I DIDN'T Like was the lack of Kevin and Selena Singing. In this song, Selena had a more purer voice compared to her others. Kevin, well, He needs to sing more OVERALL!!!!! I fell in love with his voice as soon as he opened his mouth (:

Well, byebye for now, and I'll try to blog as soon as I can tommorow

~Christine (:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Kanielle News!

Kevin Jonas and his new fiance Danielle Deleasa celebrated their engagement last night with 30 of their closest friends, including Nick and Joe Jonas.

Kevin may be an international superstar, but the couple opted to celebrate at their favorite pizza parlor in Los Angeles.

Kevin surprised Danielle on her doorstep in New Jersey earlier this week by proposing. When she came to the door, he dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Obviously she said yes!

And their family couldn’t be more thrilled about the news, “Kevin and Danielle have not yet set a date. Family is very dear to us, and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband. Please join us in our family’s celebration and in congratulating Kevin and Danielle. Thank you for all of your support.”

Do you think Kevin is taking the plunge too soon? The couple has been dating since 2007, but he’s only 21 years old.