Saturday, June 6, 2009

**EDIT** More Info on the Jonas Brothers YouTube Suspension

EDIT: YTJonasBrothersMusic is fake for these reasons - 1) they do not have separate youtube names, 2) they are no longer in Walter the Farting Dog, it’s just Frankie, 3) they would never say “because of the hate”, they would say something a little bit more professional

EDIT: PerezHilton just posted this:

Uh oh!

The Jonas Brothers’ YouTube account has just been “suspended” and none of their videos are up on the site!


Well, it seems like the Jonai didn’t go through the appropriate channels when they posted that video of Joe dancing to Beyonce’s single ladies.

Beyowulf is on a competing label to the Jonai’s Hollywood Records - she’s on Sony BMG - and they probably sent a cease and desist to YouTube.

The offending clip has since been removed due to “terms of use violation”.

But did they really need to suspend the Brothers’ account and yank all their vids?

Hopefully it’s just a temporary situation!

Who cares? It's back up {yay}


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