Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kevin Jonas is a Godfather!

Kevin Jonas was spotted shopping for baby clothes at an extremely trendy baby boutique in West Hollywood called Bel Bambini. From a worker: 'I don't get star struck easily at all since we have pregnant celebrities come in on a daily basis, But a couple weeks ago I was shocked to see that Kevin Jonas came into our store. Kevin was with the cutest pregnant blond, I caught her name later on it was Sarah [Everhart].

Kevin must really love this girl and her baby that she is about to have because he dropped an easy $4,000 in our store. We are not supposed to ask our clients questions, but my manager started talking to them and he's going to be her baby girl's godfather. Her little girl is going to be spoiled by Kevin!

Some of Kevin's inventory: 1,650$ Bratt Decor- Monogramed armoire In White With The Initials 'P B H L' On The Doors. 500$ Contemporary Baby Chair In Pink & White (2) 22 $ Baby Hats. 35$ Lady Bug Baby Bootie's [For monogramming, we ask for the baby's name or initials to ask what they want on their doors and he gushed Peyton Bella Hope Lipson. I guess he helped pick out the baby's name!]

Looks like Kevin is going to be a great godfather and a great father in the future!