Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mistakes on CD Release and Presale?

So you all know the Jonas Brothers mentioned on their youtube video’s description that their cd comes out June 15th and that some tickets go put in the public March 21th.
Their CD should be releasing TUESDAY, June 16th because all new CD get released to the public, stores on TUESDAY not Monday. But I guess if it’s a WORLDWIDE RELEASE Monday for US is like Tuesday in other Countries, so I suppose. So MONDAY, JUNE 15TH.
I check my Team Jonas account and the first set of tickets that go out to the public starts on SATURDAY, March 21st not FRIDAY, March 20th. The the 2nd set of tickets that go out to public for other dates is SATURDAY, March 28th (exception: Jul 17, 2009 - Boston, MA is MONDAY, March 30th).
Presale for certain dates starts still MONDAY, March 16th exclusively for TEAM JONAS members. So if you haven’t RENEW your accounts or PURCHASE your account do so now at!
Then a pre-sale for CITI card holders in select cities will begin on WEDNESDAY, March 18TH through CITI’s PrivatePass program, for complete details visit!