Monday, March 9, 2009

Smaller News for Today

The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience movie on has a very low rating (1 star out of 10). Please take some time to login/make an account on the IMDB site and vote the movie higher (such as a 8-10 rating to boost their rating higher), because honestly it wasn’t the worse movie in the world. You can vote higher by clicking here. But remember, No matter what, don’t just let some site make you feel like the Jonas Brothers didn’t succeed. They did their best to make a movie that fans can like, no it may not be the “best movie in the world”, but the media needs to realize it’s not like a oscar award winning movie. It was a movie for family, friends, and fans to enjoy to see what the boys did during their “Burnin’ Up” tour. So great job Jonas Brothers on your first 3D movie!
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On a recent episode of “The Late Show with David Letterman“, he mentions the Jonas Brothers. He was doing a little joke about how all Virgin Megastores are going out of business and the only virgins that are in the market are like the Jonas Brothers. Don’t worry it was just out of humor, he’s a fan of the Jonas Brothers! [From Lulu]
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Support the Jonas Brothers and vote for them for another 4TNZee Award and make sure you vote for them in any other awards you see on their site.
Hey there,Jordan from here. Gonna be a JoBro fan forever? Then vote for themfor our newest 4TNZee award, and let your users know about it with a postand link on your site, too!
Here’s the link:
The 4tnzee’s are very prestigious… They’re the awards that READERS voteon! So help make sure the JoBros win!
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The Jonas Brothers are #8 on the Itunes ‘Sountrack‘ top about about #77 on the ‘Top Albums‘. Make sure to go download the album or at least download the song, we all love, Love Is On Its Way.