Friday, March 13, 2009

Smaller News for Today!

A few fans are wondering why on Live Nation, Ticket Master, and other ticket sites why does the stage setting look different for each arena. The Jonas Brothers plan on having their stage in the center of the venue. All seating will look a little different depending on how much the venue can hold. The stage will not be a END STAGE type due to the stage will be 140 ft big, have cranes, catwalks, and be rotatable. The actual STAGE setting may not be revealed due to they want to be a complete shock and surprise to those attending.


In case a few forgot, the Jonas Brothers are still under AIM’s Dashboard: Fifty Sexiest Men of AIM. They are #21 on the slideshow. Good job boys. You can view the rest of the list by clicking here.


If you haven’t check out yesterday the Nick’s Simple Wins website they do have some videos and photos. They have a video of kids who have type 1 diabetes talking about dealing with diabetes as well as supporting Nick Jonas, this little girl drew a drawing of Nick and says, “Dear Nick, You rock!”.