Tuesday, March 24, 2009


After the fans of Phish and Bruce Springsteen, now those of Jonas Brothers face problems with regard to ticket release. Yesterday, the newly launched Team Jonas fan club website crashed. The reason: an enormous demand for the passes to North American concerts. With thousands of Jonas Brothers’ fans hitting the website for collecting tickets to the upcoming tour of their music heroes, it failed to run smoothly and broke down.

Dissatisfied and disappointed, fans left angry notes on Jonas Brothers MySpace such as “team jonas, quite frankly sucks. as for now. urghhhhh :p”; “I STILL have not been able to get onto Team Jonas for my access codes!!” ; “got mine… i had to buy a second membership this morning, but i got mine.” Membership to the fan club requires a payment of $30, and now the website fails to live up to the expectations of Jonas Brothers devotees. More than five hours after the beginning of the presale, the website still showed the message “We are experiencing very high volume at the moment. Please check back with us in a few moments.” To pacify the fans and control the situation, the Jonas Brothers released a statement which is as follows:

“Due to overwhelming demand among Team Jonas members for pre-sale tickets for the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009, the official Team Jonas fan club website experienced intermittent problems this morning, causing delays among members attempting to connect to purchase tickets. For those of you still needing access codes, we are in the process of contacting fan club members individually with a solution so that you can purchase tickets as soon as possible. Rest assured that only Team Jonas fan club members will continue to have exclusive access to purchase tickets for the next 36 hours (through 10 AM EST, Wednesday March 25). Thank you for being a part of Team Jonas.”

Though many fans managed to get tickets before the crash, the incident caused much trouble to those who wanted tickets. Howvever, upper deck tickets will be availably for the next 36 hours. Passes for the next U2 show will be released tomorrow. Lets hope getting those will not be as much trouble for U2 fans.

SOURCE: Celeb9

Next year, I think Team Jonas should give different days for the dates. Like more than just 2 days! Trying to get all those dates in just ONE day - it was BOUND to lead to this!

Sorry, Gabriella. Your mom won’t be taking you to see the Jonas Brothers in concert this summer.

When Lili Scarpa saw what it would cost for her 10-year-old daughter to see the heartthrob rockers again this year, she got sticker shock. Last year, she paid $47.50 at Target Center, and the comparable ticket will run $89.50 for a July 8 return engagement.

“I was blown away by that,” said Scarpa of Golden Valley. “It’s crazy, especially right now with the economy.”

Tickets, priced from $29.50 to $89.50 (plus fees), go on sale at noon today at Ticketmaster outlets and Target Center.

“Prices are dictated by what artists think they can make,” said Gary Bongiovanni, editor of the concert journal Pollstar. “Some artists are more price-sensitive than others. The driving force is what the market will allow them to do. If it’s too much money, they shouldn’t buy the tickets.”

SOURCE: Star Tribune