Friday, April 10, 2009

A Message from the Jonas Brothers . . . to Team Jonas

Hey Team Jonas!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on some amazing things that you’ll all be getting to see soon (we hope!), and we wanted to check in and let you know all about them. First of all, thank you all again for your continued support. We are so grateful for it, and you mean the world to us!

So we’ve been working on putting together an amazing tour for you guys, and we hope you’ll love it. We’ve gotten great feedback from you on our last tours, and have really tried to make sure you’ll have a great time on this one, our biggest yet. No matter where you are in the arena, or in the world, we will look for you and count on your support. We can’t wait to see you in the crowds!!

Secondly, we are really excited about our new Disney Channel show, JONAS. We play three brothers in a band that are trying to lead a semi-normal life (sounds familiar…?), while surrounded by a great cast of family and friends, including lots of familiar faces. It’s been a blast filming these episodes, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. Make sure to tune in on May 2nd for the premiere!

Finally, welcome to all the new Team Jonas members around the world, and to all the 2008 members, welcome back! Thanks again for all that you do for us. We never forget it. More soon!

Kevin, Joe and Nick

Source: Team Jonas