Friday, April 10, 2009

Guess who finally got a Twitter!

Look who’s Twittering! It’s the Jonas Brothers! And they’re on Twitter! FINALLY! OFFICIALLY! ACTUALLY AND FACTUALLY! (Best. Passover. Ever!)

First, if you haven’t yet, lest you move another MUSCLE, follow the Jonas Brothers on Twitter at @Jonasbrothers.

The Jonas Brothers posted the Tweet heard ’round the Jonasphere at around 6:30pm ET on Wednesday, April 8. (Don’t you like how this is all official-like?) It was short but sweet and straight to the point: Jonas Brothers Official Twitter! (Fair enough!)

As I write this, the Jonas Brothers already have over 15,000 Twitter followers, which is decidedly more than Liam Gallagher @liamgallagher, well over of Yoko Ono’s Twitter following (and she’s older than all FOUR Jonas Brothers combined, AND she was married to a BEATLE!), though not even close to Heidi Montag’s Twitter following (you know — the one where she talks about hot pink Chanel shorts… and the Bible = a winning combination!)

Also, I just need to point out that currently, the Jonas Brothers’s Twitter following also isn’t anywhere near Russell Brand’s/ @rustyrockets following of over 188,000 Twitters strong. And that, Jonas fans, is yet another reason to follow the Jonas Brothers on Twitter. (Personally, I’m betting that the Jonas Brothers’ Twitter following will lap Russell Brand’s by the time I hit “publish” on this bad boy.)

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Source: MTV Buzzworthy