Friday, April 10, 2009

Calling All CT Fans!

Hey all you CT Fans! Are you willing to show how much you love the Jonas Brothers?

Here's a message from fellow Team JBF member, Avery:
Ok guys so i think we have all seen how friends put together videos on showing how there state loves the Jonas Brothers. well I was thinking of a way to show how connecticut loves the Jonas Brothers involving everyone (or almost everyone) from the connecticut FFE team. so i was thinking that u guys cuz email pics on showing how CT loves the Jonas Brothers! email pics of posters saying CT loves JB or pics of u in jonas shirts saying we love JB and stuff like that. Im gonna pick the pics i like the most and put them together in a slide show! Im gonna add as many as I can to the slide show. after the slide shows done, Im gonna post it to youtube and maybe the boys can see it and see how much CT loves them! My email is so email the pics there. DO NOT SEND VIDEOS! I have no clue how to save the vids to my computer haha. remember to be creative with ur pics!

*You do not have to live in CT to do this. All people are welcome to join in. CT fans want to get some attention, and maybe perhaps we might be able to get them to play in CT this tour, if it's not to late! You just need to help us show that CT Loves the Jonas Brothers!*