Sunday, January 4, 2009

Smaller News for 1/2 (LATE)

RUMOR ALERT: There was a rumor from a newspaper article saying the Jonas Brothers recorded a duet with Madonna that will be released in her new CD coming sometime this year and they did a video and the boys felt a little uncomfortable during the video shoot. This will be labeled a rumor unless the Jonas Brothers confirm it.
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On, the Jonas Brothers came in first place in the annual Celebrity Love Awards. Nick, Kevin, and Joe also made the list this year! (Some have even commented that Frankie Jonas came in higher than Taylor Swift in the nominations list.) You can read more about it by clicking here. In their contest runs every year. In 2007, the Jonas Brothers came in second place, so this is really great news for 2008! is expecting some fierce competition this year with the release of both New Moon (Twilight) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince being released.
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MIDDLE EAST: On Wednesday night, there was a JB special on QBS Radio (popular english radio station here in QATAR). They played most of the songs on A Little Bit Longer and they said that “the Jonas Brothers are taking the Gulf by storm” and their music is “QATAR’s best music“. Also, Disney Channel started putting JONAS previews, so we’re hoping that it airs around the time it airs in the States!
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There is a poll on the Portrait Magazine’s site, and The Jonas Brothers are included in the poll deciding the February cover issue! They’re currently second in the poll, so I hope more fans would vote for the Jonas Brothers! The poll is on the left hand corner of the page. You can cast your vote on the poll by clicking here.