Saturday, January 17, 2009

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Jonas Brothers (MTV)

OK, so it seems that every day we’re learning something new about Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. But then again, there are those little things you forget about the boys. So, we decided that in honor of their pop-week MVP status, we’d round up all those little-known facts about the teen heartthrobs.

Here’s five things you might not know about the Jonas Brothers.

1. They would love to make a movie with Ben Stiller. “I love Ben Stiller and we met him just recently,” Joe said. “We were talking with him about doing a movie.”

2. The original concept for their TV show “J.O.N.A.S.” was that the guys would be spies; the title stood for Junior Operatives Networking As Spies. “Everyone knew it was going to be about spies,” Kevin said. “And that’s changed a little bit, I guess, ’cause in the course of the last two years the band has changed a little bit. We’re going to be the Jonas Brothers going through life — like, going to school, but still being the Jonas Brothers.”

3. Sasha and Malia Obama are big fans of the boys, even if their dad — the president — doesn’t really get it. “Who are these guys?” he recalled asking his daughters. “And how many pictures of them do you need on your wall?”

4. They are huge Britney Spears fans. “She was the first CD I ever bought,” Joe revealed.

5. The song “Lovebug” was inspired by the movie “Juno.” “The vision for the song actually came from some different inspirations,” Nick said. “But ‘Juno’ was one of our favorite movies at the time, and the soundtrack is always kind of odd, so we decided to put those elements in the song and it came very nicely.”

Are you surprised by any of these Jonas Brothers factoids? Tell us!

Source: MTV Newsroom