Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nick Jonas on JONAS

If Jonas fans can’t wait to see the boys’ new Disney Channel show Jonas, Nick Jonas is here with a little preview. Coming this May, the show casts the boys as a rock band dealing with fanfare in their high school lives. But these brothers are names Nick, Kevin and Joe Lucas, so it’s completely different.
Nick Jonas on Jonas“There’s an episode, episode 104, called ‘The Wrong Song,’ which is an episode about a girl who is also an artist, and I kind of have this romance going on,” Kevin said. “I don’t know that she has a show coming up where she thinks that the song that I wrote for her, as in wrote because of her, is not actually for her to sing at her show. There were a couple fun and challenging scenes in that one and I really, really like that episode a lot.”
The singer-songwriters have also found that having scripts to inspire music is a lot easier on their emotions. “Writing songs for the show has been a really cool experience because they’ll give us kind of like an outline of what they need for the episode. We’ve been making the joke constantly, it’s like, ‘Now we don’t have to get our hearts broken to write a song about heartbreak.’ It’s a lot easier way to do it.”
Performing on stage is one thing, but the Jonases are still relatively new actors. They only have Camp Rock under their belts previously. Nick admits to having the hardest time adjusting to camera performing.
Source: CAN Mag