Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Brothers as Actors

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas are pretty confident about their musical abilities and the awards they’ve won are proof of it, but the family based trio has embarked into another field of entertainment, this time as television actors.
Unlike their explosive music career, the Jonas Brothers’ aren’t quite so confident about their acting abilities.
The Jonas Brothers are currentlyfilming their Disney Channel Original Series J.O.N.A.S which is expected to debut on the Disney channel in May, 2009.
Joe Jonas, 19, confessed to Bop magazine, “We have to run to somebody and be like, ‘Is that okay?’ We’re so used to an audience being like ‘Great job’ or ‘yah!’”
Nick Jonas, 16, shared similar sentiments about acting. He dished, “The environment is very new. We’re constantly like, ‘Is our acting all right?”
Even 21 year old Kevin Jonas acknowledged a difference between performing in front of adoring fans and filming a TV show. “Filming on camera, there’s no instant gratification. You just have to hope you’re doing a good job.” Instant gratification or not, being a TV star is work intensive, Kevin said, “Every day is 12 hours of filming.”
The Jonas Brothers starred in the 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock starring Demi Lovato and a sequel has already been announced, so the Jonas Brothers are just getting started in their acting careers.
Other Jonas Brothers projects include the movie Walter The FartingDog and a 3-D concert movie set for release in theaters on February 27, 2009.

Source: Times of the Internet