Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Jonas Brothers Rock the Secret Irving Plaza Show

NEW YORK — After walking onto the stage to Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” the brothers known as Jonas didn’t disappoint the 700 or so lucky fans who got the chance to see an intimate secret show Thursday night at Irving Plaza.

The guys kicked off the night with the sound of horns and screams as they played their new single, “Paranoid.” We’re gonna play some new songs,” Joe told the very excited crowd. “We’re the Jonas Brothers.” No kidding!

Next up, the JoBros rocked out “Poison Ivy,” off the new album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times, out Tuesday. Joe requested that the crowd “give me some poison ivy.” (Sounds pleasant.) The guys were dressed down, and seemed both excited and relaxed to play their new tracks. For pop stars, their show was definitely high voltage, and adding to the volume of their standard rock-band setup were a horn and a string section.

Then the guys played an older favorite, “Hold On,” and the crowd didn’t miss a word or a beat.

“It’s good to be home,” declared Joe, who grew up with his brothers in nearby Wyckoff, New Jersey.

The guys harked back to their “Camp Rock” days and performed the crowd-pleasing “Play My Music,” during which Kevin spun around, doing his patented guitar-playing dance.

Nick sat down at the piano for “Black Keys” and told the crowd mysteriously, “We’ve been through a lot this past year. Sometimes it’s better to see things plain and simple. Black and white.”

Then they certainly kicked it up with their breakup song, “Much Better,” which is presumably an ode to Joe’s ex, Taylor Swift. And it was certainly the highlight of the night when Kevin jumped up on the platform and busted out a rocking guitar solo. Nick addressed the song’s lyrics telling the crowd, “As you can see we have a lot to talk about.”

Then they played older classics (hey, 2006 was a long time ago for most JoBros fans) like “Year 3000″ and “Tonight.” Joe told the crowd, “It’s good to see you guys again. We love you guys.”

He proceeded to serenade the ladies with “Gotta Find You.” After reminding the audience to come to their shows, they pumped out their power ballad, “When You Look Me in the Eyes.”

They brought the energy back up (not that it ever went anywhere) when they sang “Be Be Good,” during which Joe told the elated crowd, “I want to kiss you.”

After the guys played another new track, “World War III,” the fans sang along to “Lovebug.” Actually, the Jonas boys could have left the singing entirely to the audience, who also didn’t need an “SOS,” when that song came on.

That was supposedly the last song of the night, but the brothers made it pretty clear that an encore was all ready to go. Just a minute or two later, they began playing chords to “Burnin’ Up,” and that’s where the guys ended the show for the night.