Tuesday, November 25, 2008

People Need to Stop Critizing!

As you have seen if you watched the AMA's, Jimmy Kimmel made a comment on the Jonas Brothers. Then, the camera angled towards them in their reaction, which didn't seem like a nice one. Also, remember the VMA's? Same thing with that. Russel Brand made some hurtful comments about them too. Why do people have to critize them? Anyways, their dad is also in the audience, so it's hurtful not only to them, but their whole family, too. And what about this dilema about Joe & Taylor and Nick & Miley on the AMA's? People shouldn't critize on their personal lives as well. And did anyone notice? When the Jonas Brothers were performing "Tonight", Nick was sorta in a bad mood (in my perspective ). Cuz when they ended Nick lifted up his arm in a sorta agitated kind of way. Also, he bashed his guitar on the ground and he NEVER does that. Wonder if the guitar's OK? It's probably that they really were in a bad mood that night, maybe talked to their exes, or just had a little too much Red Bull. BUT I LIKE IT!!! It makes it more intense!


Karina Beana said...

Hey, christine!
Heart it...and I agree! STOP CRITICIZING JB!!! :]
<3_Karina Beana