Sunday, February 15, 2009

Smaller News for Today!

The Jonas Brothers were featured at the number six spot for Yahoo! Top Searches for February 14th.

Below was the list.
1. Jessica Biel
2. Naomi Watts
3. Valentine’s…
4. Online Flowers
5. Romantic Restaurants
6. Jonas Brothers
7. Abdominal Exercises
8. Pebble Beach Pro-Am
9. New York Fashion…
10. Freelance Jobs

Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas are the main subjects on AARAMSAFAI Photography homepage. You can check out his concert photos, website by clicking here.

Nick Jonas was freaked on this week’s’s Star Tracks for February 13th. It was a photo of Nick Jonas standing next to the wax figure of himself in New York when unveiling the statues. You can click here to view the details the rest of the photos from
On The Ellen DeGeneres Show website, they put up the episode summary of what will happen on Tuesday. The Jonas Brothers will be playing “blindfold musical chairs“.

Tuesday, February 17
JONAS BROTHERS (“Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience”):
All three brothers play a hilarious version of Blindfolded Musical Chairs!! If there was ever a video clip to send to all your friends, this is it!! I can’t tell you who wins, but I will say that Joe, Nick and Kevin all stumble their way to a hard-fought finish! The three of them also show me some hidden talents that I’ll bet you never knew they had! (They involve balancing, double-jointed fingers and a 73 mph Wiffle ball toss!)